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MWM Print 365
We help printing and publishing organisations with improved efficiency and productivity 

Newspaper and commercial printing organisations need to improve efficiency and productivity. This require system solutions which are connected and capable of more.


MWM Print 365 is a modular system platform for pre-calculations, estimating, quoting, customer communication, production planning, press and mailroom tracking, invoicing, profit analysis and automated reporting.


MWM Pre Production

MWM Pre Production is a tool for calculating printing costs, quoting, order confirmation and production orders.


The work involved in the pricing of services is reduced considerably due to consistent and correct

information as well as 

efficient information management.


MWM CopyTrack

MWM CopyTrack is a system for real-time tracking (totalizing) of the entire on-going printing and mailroom production. The system registers all types of waste in the pressroom and mailroom. With information about good copies printed and delivered it is possible to stop production at the right time reducing the over production as well as re-runs.  MWM CopyTrack can also automatically shut down the press when the correct print run has been produced.

With all information being tracked, automating the reporting process will also improve efficiency and productivity.

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MWM Dispatch

MWM Dispatch is a tool providing full control of newspapers’ truck distribution. Planning of loading and transports will improve the efficiency of the dispatch.


MWM Publishing Calendar

MWM Publishing Calendar is a powerful tool for newspapers that needs to coordinate publishing planning of their titles, supplements and insertions. Publishing Calendar also supports planning of zoned insertions and follow-up of externally printed supplements.


MWM Post Production

MWM Post Production is a tool focused on production economy: post-calculations, invoicing and profit analysis. Just as MWM Pre Production is used as a base for pricing, MWM Post Production is used to follow up and analyse planned and quoted jobs. After production, actual production data, collected automatically through MWM CopyTrack, is used to generate a profit analysis, cost report and invoices.


MWM Production Planning

MWM Production Planning is a printing production planning system providing a clear overview of capacity

use in prepress, press and postpress.

With the possibility to plan press and post-press capacity as well as needed resources and services printing

organisations will be able to

increase efficiency and productivity.


MWM ReelTrack

Inventory Management

MWM ReelTrack provides documented status – from unloading, via reel store and preparation to reel stand. Reports show when and for which production as well as  waste, detailed information about faulty reels, feed problems or any wrong deliveries from the paper supplier. MWM ReelTrack increases inventory and printing efficiency through exact documentation.

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What our customers think


Ketil Haugland

Amedia Trykk

The ultramodern technological platform provided a flexible solution for our printing assignments. It provided scalability and flexibility between printing plants and products as well as a better integration with other systems in our value chain.


Heiko Engelhardt
Burda Druck

We decided to go with MWM CopyTrack for all our plants. The return on investment was less than a year and we save a lot of money by reducing the overproduction and the number of re-runs.

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