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A flexible solution for improved production planning at 7 print sites at Amedia Trykk


Ketil Haugland, CTO at Amedia Trykk og Distribusjon, says: “The ultramodern technological platform provided a flexible solution for our printing assignments. It provided scalability and flexibility between printing plants and products as well as a better integration with other systems in our value chain.”

MWM has worked closely with Amedia Trykk, part of Norway’s second largest media company Amedia AS, in terms of sales, since the early 2000s. The modules MWM Copytrack and MWM Production Planning were then installed in the company’s six printing plants. A few years later the Production Planning module became cloud-based.

Amedia Trykk expanded its advanced technological platform based on MWM Print 365 by updating and adding new cloud-based MWM tools during the first half of 2020.

During the first half of 2020 Amedia Trykk upgraded the MWM Copytrack tool from an on-prem server to a cloud solution. The company also decommissioned some of the maintenance intensive systems they have developed in-house. Instead, Amedia Trykk has added the MWM Print 365, Pre and Post Production tools, into the cloud-based system, enabling a simplified overview of actions and costs throughout the production.

MWM Post Production, that transfers agreements and contract details directly into invoices, is a simplifying and precise tool expedient for Norway’s largest provider of local news. In addition to printing 74 local newspapers from Honningsvåg in the north to Tvedestrand in the south, the printing plants also handle considerable amounts of inserts and other external productions.

“We strongly believe this action provides greater security through higher data quality and technical solutions for better redundancy and scalability,” Haugland says. “It will also improve and simplify economical and production related analysis.”

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