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percent of the biggest US newspapers use MWM products.
million printed newspapers are managed by MWM products every day.
continents have MWM installations
percent potentially reduced over-production thanks to MWM CopyTrack

Solutions for all situations

Solutions for digital revenues, print and distribution.


Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics CRM offer flexible and well-established system platforms for your business and enterprise systems. Whether you are a local company with advanced needs or a global organisation with extraordinary requirements, the Dynamics platforms will meet your needs.

Business solutions can of course be partly or completely located in the cloud. With all the security and reliability that comes with Microsoft Dynamics business critical cloud services.

MWM’s industry expertise, industry adaptations and bespoke modules ensures the most efficient business solutions, adjusted to your conditions and objectives. Which is exactly in line with the market leading solutions we’ve installed at hundreds of customer operations.


Printing plants increasingly require systems which are connected and capable of more. MWM are experienced in configuring and adjusting MS Dynamics AX for printing plants. An enterprise system can reduce costs and increase efficiency for a printing company.

MWM’s modules can be installed separately or integrated on a single platform, MS Dynamics AX.

MWM’s extensive experience in the printing industry ensures an efficient business solution, adjusted to your conditions and objectives. Which is exactly in line with the market leading solutions we’ve installed at hundreds of customer operations.

MWM’s systems solutions help you improve pre-calculation, planning, follow-up, reporting, post-calculation and analysis.


Microsoft Dynamics AX adjusted to distribution companies enables better planning, follow-up and invoicing. MWM are specialists not only at Microsoft Dynamics AX but also at distribution solutions specifically.

We know that industry expertise is absolutely key to a successful installation.

Which is why we have focused on distribution and are safe in the knowledge that our consultants are very well versed in the needs of modern distribution companies.

Using Microsoft Dynamics AX as a back-bone provides you with complete control of distribution thanks to an overview of business critical information and information generally from existing systems solutions.

Systems solutions for media houses and print companies

Ready for integration with market leading business systems.

MWM PreCalculation

is a tool for pre-calculation, calculating printing costs. The work involved in the pricing of services is reduced considerably thanks to efficient information management. The module was created for newspaper printers (among others), who also have the greatest potential for cost savings. Staff involved in pricing have access to a single source of information, ensuring consistent calculations.

MWM Publishing Calendar

is a powerful tool for newspapers looking for coordinated publishing planning of their own titles, supplements and insertions. Publishing Calendar also supports planning of zoned insertions and follow-up of externally printed supplements.

MWM Production Planning

is a user friendly production planning system providing a clear overview of capacity use in prepress, press and postpress. The module manages the entire workflow from a sales rep booking an order to job bookings in prepress, press, mailroom/binding and delivery.

MWM CopyTrack

is a system for real time follow-up of the entire on-going print plant production. The system registers all types of waste in the pressroom and mailroom, reducing the number of run-ons and re-runs by automatically shutting down the press when the correct print run has been produced.

MWM Dispatch

is a tool providing full control of newspapers’ entire distribution. It includes functions for follow-up of transport (routes) as well as delivery (delivery districts).

MWM Inventory management

provides documented status – from unloading, via reel store and preparation to reel stand. Reports show when and how paper has been used, waste, detailed information about faulty reels, feed problems or any wrong deliveries from the paper supplier. MWM Inventory Management increases printing efficiency through exact documentation.

MWM Post calculation

is a tool focused on production economy, printing plant capacity and post-calculation. Just as MWM PreCalculation is used as a base for pricing, MWM PostCalculation is used to follow up and analyse planned and quoted jobs. After job completion, actual production data, collected automatically through MWM CopyTrack, is used to generate a profit analysis and cost report.

Integrate with Dynamics 365

As a certified Microsoft Dynamics partner we provide any support you require for all areas of the business system.

Customers explain

why they have chosen MWM solutions

We’ve freed up time and have improved our order planning, among other things.
Jan Andersson Bold Printing

Ten years ago, Burda decided to invest in a new totalizing system to keep track of all production in press and postpress. We decided to go with MWM CopyTrack for all our plants. The choice was easy after a successful installation in Vieaux-Thann a few years earlier. The return on investment was less than a year and we save a lot of money by reducing the overproduction and the number of re-runs.

Heiko Engelhardt Burda Druck

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