Strong digital growth for MWM’s customers: “Shows that we have been successful”


The customers of MWM have shown strong growth the past two years.
Despite a global pandemic, the digital subscribers have increased with on average 67 percent.
“We are proud to have helped our customers to reach these numbers”, says MWM CEO Joakim Engman.

Two years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in force, which led to an uncertain situation for large parts of the world. But despite the pandemic, the customers of MWM show impressive numbers when it comes to the influx of digital subscribers over the last two years.

Since the beginning of the year 2020, the customers of MWM have on average increased their digital subscribers, users of news site and E-paper, with 67 percent. The growth varies between 43 and 80 percent.

“Our customers show excellent numbers, and we are happy and proud to have contributed to them. It shows that what we do actually works”, says MWM CEO Joakim Engman.

Joakim Engman is particularly content with that MWM customers that already before 2020 had an extensive digital infrastructure in place has managed to keep the growth numbers high.

“We usually see the best growth numbers for our customers early in their digital development and in the first years with MWM. This shows that we have been successful in continuing to develop our customers’ activities”, he says.

Now MWM has its sights on helping its customers to reach even better numbers for the coming years.

“We have many interesting projects in the pipeline”, says Joakim Engman.

He continues:

“Among other things, we have started to focus even stronger on creating hyper-personalized customer journeys as well as develop the usage of AI, artificial intelligence, even more.”

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