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Digital revenue in high speed

MWM is specialized in digital transformation and increasing customers digital revenue in high speed. Regardless of where you are in your digital journey MWM has an offer for you! 

MWM Media 365

-Service for Insights and Activities in the digital business

MWM offers a cloud based Insight- and Activity platform for media companies called Media365. By collection data, enrich the data and turn the data into interactive Insights and Actions Media365 will help the organization to increase the digital revenue. 

Data - MWM Media 365 collects, connects, harmonize, quality prof the data and creates a 360-customer view

Insights - MWM Media 365 create necessary insights about the customer/potential customers

Actions - MWM Media 365 provides the organization with the tools needed to convert insights to actions and increase the digital revenue


Media 365 collects data from all data sources needed to drive the digital business. Data integration is monitored in, data is cleaned and harmonized so the data can always be trusted and ready to use for insights and actions


After collecting the data Media365 will enrich the data from external sources and internally by adding historical perspective, segments, AI-tagged content etc.


Insights found in the data is used to Attract more customers, convert new customers, engage existing customers and minimize churn. 

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