Reading time insights: How Splunk and Media365 now can increase customer engagement and conversions


How can we use reading time insights to increase conversions and customer engagement? Which customer segments love to read long and thorough articles? To which customer groups should we create more/fewer long reads?

Now MWM Media365 is a better solution than ever for you in order to answer these questions! Splunk is the latest standard integration to Media365. Splunk is a digital platform used for collecting, handling, and analyzing digital behavior data, and is now fully integrated with the MWM analyzing platform Media365.

Splunk is especially effective for retrieving detailed insights about customer reading time, which was one of the reasons behind Dutch Erdee Media’s decision to go over to Splunk. For Erdee Media, this now means that the data easily can be transferred to Media365 for further analyze and insights.

Read more about Splunk and our many other standard integrations here:


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