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Gota Media is to introduce MWM’s Production Planning, Copytrack and Post Production Print 365 modules at its Borås Tidning Tryckeri and Sydostpressarna printing plants to improve its production and administration processes.

Installation of the Azure cloud-based Print 365 modules comes as Gota Media is about to take over 100 percent ownership of the Borås Tidning Tryckeri printing plant at the end of this year. Gota Media has had joint ownership of Borås Tidning Tryckeri with Bonnier-owned Bold Printing. However the transition to Gota Media meant that Borås Tidning Tryckeri needed to find a new solution for invoicing.

Johan Lundin, CEO of Printing and Distribution at Gota Media, says :
‘We found that Print 365 was appropriate for us instead of building modules based on different systems. MWM has the modules that can help us with our main objectives – production and management control. We want to rationalize the work process and simplify invoicing.”

The MWM Production Planning tool provides an overview of printing production by monitoring and managing the workflow during prepress, press and post-press and additionally by collecting data for reports and analysis.

Tommy Johnsson, CEO at Borås Tidning Tryckeri, who operates the printing site welcomes the new system from MWM.

“Earlier we needed five to ten hours per week for manual planning and there is also a tendency to duplicate work,” he says. “In the future, the time needed for planning will be reduced, as will the risk of making mistakes in planning and production.”

Copytrack’s automated system ensures operations are run more securely, as it overviews the process while the newspapers are being printed in real time and it terminates automatically when the correct number has been printed.

“We’ve already used Copytrack but it’s now upgraded and cloud-based”, Tommy Johnsson says. “Today we only print about 50 extra copies per production and since we installed Copytrack, we’ve reduced overprinting by 80-90 percent. It saves us money and we boast that we’re among the best in the country at reducing overprinting.“

Borås Tidning Tryckeri will use MWM’s Post Production tool to help modernize and streamline its administration process, as the printing plant needed to phase out its previous system. An advanced economical system, the tool calculates and includes all agreements and contract details, so as to avoid invoicing mistakes.
The core of Gota Media’s printing business is to provide a local printing facility for western and south-eastern Sweden. The company prints a total of 30 newspapers, most of them local. The national Bonnier newspapers Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri will continue to be printed at Borås Tidning Tryckeri for distribution in western and southern Sweden after the change of ownership. Gota Media also owns the Sydostpressarna printing plant in Karlskrona, where the MWM- modules will also be implemented.

“The two printing plants will be monitored and administrated in the same manner,” says Johan Lundin at Gota Media. “With one system, we can do more effective productional and economical comparisons between the printing plants. We can get common key figures and set goals and benchmarks for efficient production benefits. MWM is one of few providers of systems, that enable us to achieve this.”

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