MWM platform positions German ZGO for digital growth


German newspaper group ZGO has successfully completed a digital transformation from zero to a data-driven decision platform in six months and is ready for the next step.

In June last year, the Ostfriesen – Zeitung (OZ), Ostfriesische Nachrichten (ON) and General-Anzeiger (GA) newspapers operated by Zeitungsgruppe Ostfriesland, ZGO, started working with MWM Insight as the process of merging ZGO’s various systems into a single system began. The cloud-based MWM Media 365 data platform was implemented because it provides a framework for the customer journey by delivering the key to customer acquisition through insights and analytics. A driving force is email marketing automation – low-cost campaigns used to attract new subscribers. Recently, a second subscription campaign was launched, aimed at customer retention.

Philip Thiemann, project manager at ZGO, summarizes:
“The subscription ordering process and the introduction of the low-cost subscription have, since we optimized our paywall, increased the number of online subscribers by around 33 percent in just three weeks. This is currently our marketing focus.”

Today, ZGO has the platform, tools and real-time dashboards to measure, visualize and complete the digital revenue journey. The process of collecting and refining more data is moving forward to provide customer and content insights.

Emma Bakovic, MWM project manager, dubs the process a high-speed digital transformation:

“Going from zero to a data-driven platform in six months is an achievement. ZGO has already seen positive results from initial marketing automation activities. We’re now ready to turn insights into actions to reach the goal of 15,000 digital subscribers within two years.”


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