MWM Consulting announces name change to MWM Insight


The name MWM Insight will correspond better with the digital brand identity, and all future business activity, in supporting companies with digital transformation through insights.

The company name MWM Consulting, unit of the MWM Group, has been changed to MWM Insight in February 2020. Media customers and partners will find no difference in the services offered with the new business identity.

Joakim Engman, CEO of MWM Insight, finds the name change appropriate.

”Over time the consultancy services have altered. Consulting is therefore not an accurate label for our core business. Today we focus on digital insights, and by emphasizing insights we also want to continue being an attractive employer”.

MWM Insight assists enterprises by integrating existing systems together into one system by extracting useful and commercial data. 2017 was a turning point for the company as the Media 365 system was launched. This platform provides best-in-class digital software solutions based on data driven analysis and insights as well as AI-machine learning models.

Today MWM Insight amplifies digital transformation at high speed and is keen to assist non digital media companies in becoming digital in a matter of months. The company has a thriving business in Northern Europe, particularly in Germany, where many media companies depend heavily on print media.

”One of our aims is to help media companies increase profit by cutting costs for IT-developers. Lean production is our strength, what 15 employed IT- developers achieve we solve with 2 employees”, says Engman. ”Our next move is to connect to other branches of industry requiring digital transformation. Lacking real-time dashboards with digital insights, companies must rely on historical reports. Business today demands real time data for immediate access and prognosis to stay competitive. With our tools and data insights, companies can focus on the core business whether it is digital news, cars or real estate”.


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MWM Group supplies IT-solutions and support for the publishing and printing industry. MWM is Microsoft software certified. The company has its own industry leading solutions that keep 200 media customers on five continents at the leading edge of systems support.


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