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The year 2020 will go down in history as challenging in many aspects. MWM has been thriving on. Several important projects have been accomplished. Next year, more details will be revealed and we shall be ready to share other examples.

Medienhaus Aachen steps up digitally

Medienhaus Aachen has made a huge digital move forward during 2020. It is operating in the German town of Aachen and particularly with the daily newspapers, Aachener Zeitung and Aachener Nachrichten.

Nele Toye, Manager of Reader Revenue Market, comments:
“We have succeeded in doubling our full paying digital subscription stock during 2020 and have the ambition to double it again in 2021”.

The MWM Media 365 cloud based data system has been implemented in 2020 and is up and running since the summer. By integrating all information from the existing systems, for example the ERP “ViVa”, which is a software subscription system, the CMS InterRed, as well as Google Analytics, Medienhaus Aachen now has a framework, an overall grip on the systems and as a result ­­– customer data.

“Editorial data and subscription data were earlier two different worlds,” recalls Nele Toye. “Now all our operations are datadriven. The strategy of the whole company is digital as this is the only growing media market. It is increasing and has great potential. How to sell digital content and build up a stock of customers is a huge issue.”

Print is still good business in Germany, but despite this, Medienhaus Aachen early realized the importance of the digital market. The first step of the digital journey was taken already in 2013 by setting up a paywall. After a couple of years the company also experimented with offering a summary of the regional and local multimedia-news of the day through an App for those who had no time for news briefings in the mornings. The testing period lasted for one year.

What was the outcome of your digital efforts?
“We did not have a USP for this new App and at that time also no coherent strategy of how to sell our digital content within the paywall. This changed in 2017, when we started to take our content seriously by being more strategic and by first publishing content digitally behind the paywall.”

In 2018 representatives from the Medienhaus Aachen met with MWM and in 2019 a pre-study was undertaken; surveying existing systems and pointing to future directions. A benchmark of the digital deal was also provided and recommendations of product-improvements and processes were presented by MWM. The experience was based on experience from Scandinavia. Medienhaus Aachen got track on what needed to be done.

Why did you choose to collaborate with MWM?
“We are happy with the collaboration as MWM has expertise and experience from the Scandinavian market, that is in the forefront”, says Nele Toye. “The prestudy gave expertise especially on subscription.”

Today data and simplicity are the buzz words at the Medienhaus Aachen. By getting reports, based on 80-100 datafields, the working routines are changing for the editorial and marketing teams. Experiments with various subscription offers is an ongoing process.

“Today we are looking at the behaviour of the customers and we have different offers on trial. We can now study why customers convert and churn. How did they behave while subscribing and how can we get them back if they churn.“

Jonas Rehn appointed new CEO of MWM System
MWM announces the appointment of Jonas Rehn as CEO of MWM System from January 1, 2021. Jonas Rehn will replace Tony Svensson, who in the future will focus on his overall role as CEO of MWM Group.

Jonas Rehn is well known among regular clients as he has previously worked during eleven years for MWM in different positions. For three years he was in charge of MWM System Inc – the MWM subsidiary company in the USA.

Tony Svensson, CEO of MWM Group, comments on the appointment:

“We are delighted to have Jonas Rehn back in a leading role at MWM. He will strengthen our marketing capacity as well as our operations in the United States thanks to his earlier experience there.”

Jonas Rehn is looking forward to working with the cloud based solutions of MWM as the company has a unique position –after 20 years of experience within the printing and publishing industry.

“Printing and publishing organisations are today seeing printed circulations decrease, resulting in reduced page counts and cut in publishing days. Existing print sites urgently need a higher degree of efficiency in everything they do,” Jonas Rehn says. “We not only have the technical solutions but also the experience and expertise within the team that allows the printing clients to improve both efficiency and productivity.”

“Our cloud based MWM Print 365 allows efficient estimation of jobs (pre calculation), quoting, planning, production tracking and invoicing. We also see that our clients can reduce a lot of waste with better real-time tracking of the production as well as automation of reporting – a must in order to improve operations. For our publishing clients our cloud based MWM Publishing Calendar allows efficient planning of titles and inserts, as well as improved communication with the print supplier and automation of print orders to print sites.”

You have previously worked as Key Account Manager for an American company with cloud based systems. What experience can you share?
”I have highly increased my awareness of customers and their needs. All areas of the company need to be involved and deliver in order to help the customers. I will work tightly with the MWM-team and together we will focus more on efficiency in our ways of working with implementations, customer success, support, marketing, sales and development.”

Jonas Rehn, CEO of MWM System, concludes:
“Our goal is to create great products that helps our clients to improve their operation. It is achievable in cooperation with our clients and by providing excellent implementation, training and support. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is how well our clients succeed.”

The Event of Key Figures is postponed until September

Traditionally MWM kickstarts the year with the Event of Key Figures. This popular event brings together representatives from printing plants in the Nordic countries. Networking, but also discussions and analyses of print- and media related topics as well as printing plant visits are on the agenda. The event usually takes place in January, but due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. MWM hopes that the situation will ease off in the Autumn 2021 therefore the new date is set to September 8–9.

Jonas Rehn, CEO of MWM Systems, says:
“We feel that the Event of Key Figures gives inspiration for all participants to make improvements. By having it in September, it will be a good kick-off after our Summer vacation for new exciting projects for the printing organizations.”

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Christmas greetings from MWM´s CEO

Tony Svensson, CEO of MWM Group wishes you all a Merry Christmas

“The end of the year is drawing closer, a year nobody could have predicted would turn out the way it did – an entire world more or less closed due to the Coronavirus.

MWM has coped through the challenges of 2020. Our office as a workplace has periodically been almost empty, but fortunately we have not been affected by COVID 19. We have worked intensively from home, but prior to the epidemic we were already working digitally over the whole world, as we also have five offices in Europe and the United States. Financially, we have proceeded well with good results. MWM has been working with projects contracted before the outbreak of the pandemic but has also closed business deals during this year

During 2020 we have had major Print 365 projects with Polaris and Amedia in Norway, TX Group (Tamedia) in Switzerland, Gota and Pressgrannar in Sweden. We have continuous work with Media 365 at Stampen in Sweden, Erdee and ZGO in Germany but also Erdee in the Netherlands.
We can now present established products within the Print 365 and Media 365. Being cloud based, they are even more attractive today. Our offer has gradually been supplemented with more modules and the system is even more adjusted to the media industry today. Our main intention is to automate many tasks and make processes more effective as well as to simplify them.

MWM wishes to thank everybody for cooperation during 2020 and we are looking forward to continue working with you all in 2021.

To all of our valued business associates, clients and friends, all of us at MWM Wish You Health and Happiness during this Holiday Season!”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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