Automation in production reduces costs for reporting and provide insights for improvements


  • Do you need a press report automatically emailed minutes after production is finished?
  • Do you want to know what issues has caused the most stop waste over last few months?
  • Do you need a production report automatically sent to your print customers?
  • Do you want to follow-up on how much waste all your stops due to plate issues has caused?

With MWM Print 365 it is possible to automatically collect information in real-time from printing production but it is also used for reporting on a regular basis such us start times, stop times, stops, stop waste, start-up waste, over production, waste caused by different issues and much more.

Not only is it possible to automatically create reports for internal use but also for reports that needs to be provided to your print customers.

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Examples of some of the reports our MWM Print 365 customers use.


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