Analyzing the efficiency of current jobs is more important for Mittelbayerische Druckzentrum


Mittelbayerische Druckzentrum plant, which includes a logistics and sorting center, employs 150 people but the print center itself is a very lean operation, with a workforce of 25. Six days a week the MDZ produces a total of 110,000 copies of the 13 regional editions of the ”Mittelbayerischen Zeitung” as well as some 470,000 copies of the “Rundschau” advertising free sheet for its sister publishing company. It also prints 140,000 copies of a weekly for an external customer and 280,000 eight-pagers, which serve as carriers for collections of inserts.

It has become all the more important for MDZ to analyze the efficiency of current jobs, to optimize production and to react precisely and more rapidly to delays. Whilst, so far as the printing is concerned, the Pecom system makes a considerably amount of analytical data available, up until now the Regensburg company has lacked the ability to track production along its full length and to identify problems. The more a product is subdivided into versions, the more difficult it is to optimize allowances.

Evelyn Köhler, Managing Director of the Mittelbayerische Druckzentrum, comments: “Postpress was previously a ‘blackbox’ for us; but with CopyTrack we are now able to probe it more deeply.”

Interview with Evelyn Köhler, Managing Director of the Mittelbayerische Druckzentrum

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