december 2018

Indian newspaper Mathrubhumi takes control of press and mailroom waste with MWM CopyTrack

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Sweden, September 5, 2018. With a total circulation of 1.5 million, printed in 16 editions across the country, Indian newspaper Mathrubhumi continuously invest in keeping their printing technology efficient and up-to-date. The latest addition to the operation is a CopyTrack system from Swedish systems supplier MWM, which will be installed at one of the

Gävle Parkeringsservice väljer MWM Parking 365

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Stockholm 11 September 2018. Gävle Parkeringsservice AB har tecknat avtal med MWM om ett nytt verksamhetssystem. Med MWM Parking 365 får Gävle Parkeringsservice kraftfullt stöd för sina viktigaste affärsprocesser, inklusive hantering av alla anläggningar och digitaliserad hantering av avtal. Förutom att Gävle Parkeringsservice äger ett antal egna anläggningar, sköter företaget också övervakning av både

maj 2018

MWM Group AB is appointed as ISV Partner of Microsoft

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With the development of the Media 365 application, MWM Group AB which already is a Gold Partner, has been appointed Microsoft ISV Partner and work closely with European Microsoft organization in order to launch this application as efficient as possible both from a technical and a market Point of view. MWM Media 365 is

januari 2018


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Sweden, January 25th, 2018 –  The Swedish based companies MWM Group and DCOS Sweden AB have agreed to join forces regarding sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The synergies between the companies are obvious; dynamic and flexible organizations offering complementing systems and services to automate, control and increase productivity and quality in printing.   MWM

augusti 2017

MWM will upgrade CopyTrack at North Jersey Media Group

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MWM will in August start an upgrade project for North Jersey Media Group, which will make NJMG get imporved possibilties in production tracking and reporting. MWM CopyTrack 5, which help printing companies to improve efficiency and reduce production cost, and new hardware will be installed during the fall of 2017.

maj 2017

Planning Tool allows Amedia Trykk to coordinate six printing plants

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Amedia is Norway’s largest publisher of local media titles – with a daily audience of more than two million readers and users. For its printing activities in Norway Amedia Trykk og Distribusjon, one of Norway's biggest coldset newspaper printers, runs seven printing plants spread across the whole country – from Bodø in the far north

februari 2017

Björn Nickau joins MWM Group

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New Sales and Project Manager will focus on MWM's expansion into Germany and Europe.  MWM Group is delighted to announce that Björn Nickau has joined the company as of 1st of January 2017 as Sales and Project Manager for Germany and Europe. The Stockholm-based software and consultancy firm aims to expand into Germany and Europe as

december 2016

MWM Group extends its board

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As  the  MWM  Group  plans  to  grow  further,  the  Stockholm-­‐based   software  and  consultancy  firm  extends  its  board:  New  board   member  Jörgen  Karlsson  will  oversee  the  expansion  into   Germany  and  into  the  Packaging  Industry. Jörgen  Karlsson  most  recently  served  as  the  CEO  of  Wifag-­‐Polytype   Technologies  AG.  The  company,  a  part  of

oktober 2016